Miguel Ors

Prof. Miguel Ors
Profesor de Periodismo
Facultad Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas
Departamento de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas
Ed. Torreblanca | Avda de la Universidad, s/n 03202 Elche (España)
Tel: 966658867 | mors@umh.es

Miguel Ors Montenegro (Madrid, 1956) is a journalist and journalism professor at the University Miguel Hernandez of Elche). Degree in Geography and History at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1979) and PhD in Contemporary History from the University of Alicante (1993). He teaches History of Journalism and director of the Chair Pedro Ibarra of the University Miguel Hernández de Elche.He also taught at the University Cardenal Herrera-CEU (1994-2009) and the University of Alicante (1998-2009)

He has published the following books:

The press Elche 1836-1980. Savings of Alicante, No. 117.Alicante, 1984.

-The Bou. Manuel Pastor editor, Elche, 1985.

-Elx, Ciutat, along with Patrick Falco. Elche, 1994.

-The war and postwar repression in Alicante (1936-1945). Texts University, Institute for Juan Gil Albert and Valencia. Alicante, 1995.

-Elx, The Ciutadà, along with Patrick Falco. Elche, 1995.

– Elche, 1900-1949, Ed Ali i Truc, Elche, 1998.

New Risks-Sociedad El Progreso SA (1906-2006), 2006.

-Elche, a historical (coordinator), 2006.

-Elche, a city at war, 1936-1939, 2008.

-Elche, 30 years of democratic councils (1979-2009 (ed.), 2009

He has published articles in magazines L’arrel (1982), Festa d’Elx (1984 and 2009), Canelobre (1986), La Rella (1988), La Glorieta (1988), Annals of the University of Alicante (1988) andCalendura (2000).

He has also participated in the Civil War and Francoism books in Alicante (1991), The press in the province of Alicante during the Second Republic (1994), The press in the province of Alicante during the Civil War (1994), El Franco. Visions and Balances (1999). He was part of the team that wrote the book Biographical Dictionary of Valencian politicians (2003) and has also contributed to the miracle and mystery books. The Festa Camino de Santiago (2004) and 100 entrepreneurs of the twentieth century Valencia (2005). He is currently editor of the Festa d’Elx and is patron of the Mystery of Elche.

19 January 2018